The Prism of Memory:

‘The Prism of Memory’ Exhibition,

August 5th -26th 2022

The Exhibition although now concluded continues online with available works below, unless listed as sold or under offer they are available, please use the contact form for further details.

All works are unique one off Art pieces, created in various media and techniques.

The Lightbox Gallery, The LCB Depot, Leicester LE1 1RE.

The Exhibition featured works directly inspired by or developed as a product of a response to the theme of private, personal or public memory, alongside this the connection of music and memory and their implicit interplay will also be examined thematically.

‘Gathering Voices’

Mixed Media 2022

‘An arrow of light arcing, piercing nights fall, through this city in the sky’

‘Cries and Whispers’

Mixed Media 2022

‘When the external world retreats,
the mind resists this vacuum
as memories and ideas come rushing in’

‘Spirit and Reason’

Mixed Media 2022

‘Rising like a river to flood, the bell rang out
from the prison of memory,
its peels falling upon the mercy of spirit and reason’


Mixed media 2021

‘There is a place beyond time and dreams
where the hushed breath of wind through leaves,
and the hiss of tide on shingle, mean more than ever before’

‘Inner Memory’

Mixed media 2022 priced @ £80.00

29cms x42cms

‘It is a place where thoughts are as strong as life itself,
meaning hangs on a pause, a moment,
where time finds a new rhythm, a tempo all of its own’

‘Burning Gold Memory’

Mixed media 2022

49cms X49cms

‘Immediacy and abstraction, in an empty room,
the social singularity that is to read, to live’

A piece created in reaction to the below…
‘Florian Zellar-The Father
The Gate Theatre, Dublin.

‘The white cube of light, a prismatic colour reaction’
Mixed Media 2022

49cms x 62cms

‘The Apex of Light’ 2022

A mixed media piece, the work aims to capture through a variety of media the concept of the awakening of the mind in a new world. (sold)

‘Memories are about identity, an apex of light,
what we choose to remember and how we
remember tells us so much about who we think we are’

‘To Keep Digging’

‘To keep digging for those eternal truths, we see them crack like an axe through wood’

Mixed media 2022

21cms X 29cms

‘The Other Life’
‘If the theft of the heart is the sweetest of crimes, then truth, beauty and faith will collide’
A proportion of all sales will be donated to The Alzheimer’s Society, Leicestershire & Rutland.
Mixed media 2022 (sold)
29cms x 21 cms
‘The Essence of Memory’ (sold)
A piece expressing the idea of the ebb and flow of memory and how we perceive its different contexts as we move through different spheres and experiences- perception is reality.
‘The Coral Sky’ and its sister piece below will be shown as part of the upcoming Exhibition, taking its inspiration from the words ‘In this Sky of Dreams and Memories’ (sold)
‘The Coral Sea’ and its sister picture ‘A Coral Sky’ will both be shown as part of the upcoming Exhibition, taking its inspiration from the words ‘In this Sea of Dreams and Memories’ (sold)
‘Here, Imagine a spirit Moves’ The title here is inspired by the poetry of Seamus Heaney. Part of the inspiration behind the works is also based on quotations and writing by the Artist which reflect on the artistic process. (available)
‘Jewel’ Inspired by memories of walks along the coastline of Pembrokeshire and forming part of the Prism of Memory Exhibition. (sold)
‘The Tumult of Time’ a mixed media piece to be shown as part of the Prism of Memory Exhibition. (sold)
This piece ‘New Horizons‘ was the overall winner of The LOVE art Exhibition 2021 at Curve Theatre, LCB Depot, Leicester and surrounding venues. (sold)

The piece ‘Crepescular Figure‘ was also selected for and featured by the judges as part of
The LOVE art Exhibition 2021.

The final piece ‘The Empty Noise’ was also selected and highlighted as a judges selection as part of The LOVE art Exhibition 2021. (under offer)
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